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Oakley Sunglasses For Men Clearance Can you advise us? My attempts to get a pool guy to help have not been satisfactory, although for a million dollars one can get anything one wants, and unfortunately we are retired school teachers(ie not millionaires) who are still paying tuition. DIY sites? Suggestions? e.mail advice? Help would really help. We can afford a reasonable amount of money and the present condition is making our house look lousy.My Reply:Hi there Karen.It sounds like you’ve got a project on your hands, but a potentially exciting one. A naturally filtered pool is definetely the way to go.Is there a way to build a retaining wall in the pool basin to add a ‘regenerative zone’ or planted gravel bed? See my ‘swimming pond’ page for a diagram. If so you will need to redirct plumbing to percolate up through the gravel with oxygen, see ‘easy pond aerator’.

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